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1100 Years of Amazing Histoy

The Reg’s resident historian and storyteller invites you to join him for a sumptuous dinner in the Reg where you will experience a fun and thoroughly entertaining journey through 1100 years of Waterford’s history, most of which took place in the shadow of the adjacent Viking Reginalds Tower.

The Dinner is part history, part song, part anecdote all intertwined with a bit of tonque in cheek humour where our storyteller will try to personalise each Dinner to some of the nationalities and ancestry of our guests .

Our Chefs have created a fine dining menu from Waterford’s unique past using the best traditional seafood, meats, vegetables, honey and famous “Blaa” bread, but with a modern twist.

Toast the Key Events in True Waterford Crystal Style

This is the exact location where the Vikings arrived in Waterford and established the first Irish city in 914 AD. At Irelands Ancient Feast, you will discover who were the only foe the mighty Viking warriors were unable to vanquish - their new Irish wives .

For those fortunate enough to marry an Irish woman, you will know what happened next ! They married the Vikings and immediately set about changing them forever.

The Reg – the Perfect Setting to Touch, Taste and Toast History

Discover how the Waterford marriage of the Norman Knight Strongbow and daughter of the King of Leinster, Aoife, was to change Irish history forever, and how the charity of the Waterford Quakers was to inspire the creation of the Irish Triclour and its unveiling in front of the Reg in 1848, while Famine Ships left the Quays 100 meters away .

We hope that, in the heart of Irelands Oldest City, you join us as we toast “Slainte” or Good health in true Waterford style – in a genuine Waterford Crystal Glass .

Ireland’s Ancient Feast Menu

  • Starters

    Walshs Bakehouse Traditional Blaa with Black Treacle & Flahavans Soda Bread & Irish Creamery Butter

    Dunmore East Seafood Chowder - Salmon, Smoked Haddock, Mussels & Parsley

    Barlow Family Woodstown Bay Oysters crushed Ice and Lemon

    Ardsallagh Soft Goats Cheese & Beetroot Baby Salad Leaves, Candied Pecan, Truffle Honey Pistachio Crumb

    Traditional Irish Black Pudding Blaa Croute, Cramalized Granny Smith Apples & Light Chicken Jus

  • Main Course

    Slow Roast Shortrib of Mark Williams Prime Irish Beef Creamed Potatoes, Tenderstem Broccoli, Red Wine Reduction & Crispy Onion

    Traditional Irish Bacon and Cabbage Mash, Green Cabbage, Parsley & Bacon Cream

    Roast Fillet of Dunmore East Hake In White Wine & Garlic Cream with Mussels & Tenderstem Broccoli

    Pot Roast Supreme of Irish Chicken Creamed Truffled Leeks, Mash & Light Chicken Gravy

    Fresh Dunmore East Mussels White Wine & Garlic Cream, Fresh Parsley & Lemon


  • Desserts

    Waterford Blaa ‘Pain Perdue’ Carmalized Granny Smooth Apples, Vanilla Bean Icecream & Spiced Apple Syrup

    Muldoons & Vanilla Créme Brulee

  • Lemon Posset with Sweetened Cream Raspberries Meringue

    Knockanore Farmhouse Smoked Cheddar, Cashel Blue & Little Milk Company Organic Brie served with Gubbeen Farmhouse Cheese Oatcakes, Grapes & Celery Leaf

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