“Taste and Toast Irish History in Fine Waterford Style!”

Ireland's Ancient Feast is finished for the 2018 season

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1100 Years of Amazing Histoy

Since Ragnar (anglised to Reginald) the Viking first settled in Waterford in 914, in the adjacent Reginald's Tower, the streets around The Reg have witnessed many of the pivotal moments in Irish History including  the arrival of Norman mercenaries to Ireland, the marriage of Strongbow and Aoife, Cromwell’s siege of the City, Waterford becoming Ireland’s wine capital and the mass exodus of the famine.

However, it’s the human stories around these events that our resident  historian, author and storyteller will recount over dinner that really show how Waterford was Irelands Original melting pot of cultures and will give you a better sense of Irish history and for example why the tricolour was unveiled outside the Reg in 1848 for the first time – at the same time that thousands were leaving the city on famine ships 100 meters away.

Toast the Key Events in True Waterford Crystal Style

Waterford Crystal has been synonymous with celebration, fine dining and sharing stories with friends for almost 250 years.  We invite you to join our resident storyteller, himself a former Waterford crystal craftsman in toasting many of these key events from genuine Waterford Crystal Goblets or Glasses with your favourite tipple.  

He will explain how these many invaders and mercenaries who came to conquer Ireland ended up becoming more Irish than the Irish themselves, and illustrate same with some personal examples.

The Reg – the Perfect Setting to Touch, Taste and Toast History

The Reg consists of 4 bars on the Ground Floor built around the 800-year-old City Wall that runs through the spine of the Reg. An entire wall of our Strongbow Room features the marriage of Strongbow and Aoife in a huge portrait full of symbolism. Our first-floor terrace overlooks Reginald’s Tower, a Viking Longboat and the mighty River Suir.

Our first floor SUAS (means Up in Gaelic) is decorated with portraits and images to bring you back in time and which highlight the features of the 1870’s listed building. All in all, you will feel transported back in time as you enjoy Irelands Ancient Feast at the Reg

Ireland’s Ancient Feast Menu

  • Starters

    Fresh Salmon, Smoked Haddock and Mussel Chowder, Fresh Parsley, Mini Waterford Blaa, Traditional Soda Bread and Irish Creamery Butter 

    4 Woodstown Bay Oysters served on a bed of Crushed Ice with a squeeze of Lemon and Tabasco 

    Beetroot and Ardsallagh Soft Irish Goats Cheese, Candied Pecan, Truffle Honey, Pistachio Crumb 

    Traditional Irish Black Pudding on a Blaa Croute with Caramalised Granny Smith Apples and Spiced Apple Syrup

    Fresh Dunmore East Mussels in White Wine and Garlic Cream, Fresh Parsley and Lemon

  • Main Course

    Slow Roast Short Rib of Mark Williams Irish Beef, Herb Mash, Tenderstem Broccoli, Red Wine Reduction, Crispy Onions 

    Pot Roast Breast of cornfed Chicken, Leek Fondue, Truffle Mash, Madeira Jus 

    Traditional Irish Bacon, Colcannon Potatoes, Fresh Parsley and Bacon Cream 

    Dunmore East Catch of the Day served with Saffron & Butter Sauce, Medley of Vegetables & Creamy Mash Potato 

    Fresh Macaroni with Sautéed Wild Forest Mushroom, Shaved Parmesan, Baby Leaf Spinach & Toasted Pine Nuts


  • Desserts

    Waterford Blaa ‘Pain Perdue’ caramalised Granny Smith apples, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Spiced Apple Syrup

    Lemon Posset with Crème Chantilly, Raspberries, Meringue


    Little Milk Company Organic Irish Brie, Honeyed Walnuts, Grapes, Celery Leaf 

    Muldoons and Vanilla Crème Brûlée  

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